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[24 Oct 2004|08:00pm]
So today, i, went to the mall two times. it was crazy. i wanted a cradle of filth shirt in youth large but they didnt have it. i had twaco bell four days in a row. terence is sitting ehind me, and i'm looking back at him between senteces. oyhyea, weme and nick plaed for patrick and michaelaiai today in the garage. oh yea dn noah played twoo. terence and gallagher brought the mosh whil we were playing just a few meinoutes ago. damn that buss from syracuse, because it'sladjf takingtoo long to tgetb back here. nicks car made a flapping fort....far t sound today while he was pulling away. i gues it's all that tac o bell. incase uyou're wondering mylskdf wyrna why i have so many typos. it's because i'm playing a game where i cant press the bakcspace button, so i'mleaving all of my erros in their beautrye. i dnt really know what else i did today so i got some cool picutes nick tok when we were at the mall.
i got cool pics from the mallCollapse )
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[08 Jul 2004|08:13pm]
Fancy is the most hardcore person ever. All he cares about is being able to go to shows, even when he might lose a limb. \m/
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